Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wake up Western World

Wake up from the disease causing Soda

Soda is nothing but disease(cancer, asthma, obesity etc) causing  water + lots of sugar + artifical color + artificial flavor
  • Please don't let your child drink this poison

Wake up from the disease causing processed food

Tons and tons of processed food in every store shelf.  All wrapped in plastic and added with preservatives, chemicals, artificial colors and flavors.  It is the source for all disease.
  • Abandon them. Do not give them to your child.

Wake up from the Plastic bags and the disposables

These enter our life for the sake of  "Convenience". But they land in the landfills without the ability to degrade. They kill several wild animals and marine life and will eventually kill us.
  • Stop using Plastics. Let us use recycle bags and avoid disposables

Western world loves the word "Convenience" and they are "generous" for the convenience. The corporate world churns billions just for this word.  But the after effect of this word is only disease. Please give up the word convenience for us and our children to live happily in the future world. Share the word to all the people you know to make our world a better place